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Courland Grove, Stockwell, SW8 2PX

Thursday evenings September to April - 8pm to 10pm

All participants pay £5 to pay towards the hire costs and equipment purchases

For more information call Peter Joicey, Club Secretary on 07736309442
as at 02 May 2012

(these rules will develop over time)

Health & Safety

1.If a person is not fit to play, then he will not be allowed to play.

2.The club shall be in possession of a medical bag

Training Fees

3.The club operates a policy of pay if you play. Training fee per session is £5 irrespective of what time a participant arrives.

4.Training fees are separate from match fees. “I’ll pay you on Saturday” will not count, though players may wish to pay in advance or run a credit account (i.e. where they are in credit to the club). 

5.£5 fee will be collected on arrival. This is because sometimes people “rush off” at the end.

6.If a “friend” is invited to training and is unable to pay the “OBC player” is responsible for payment.  The “friend” will not be invited back if any disruption is caused.

7.Training is on an invite only basis if a player has a friend that wants to play.  Please note, if the player has not been invited by the club, and if there are too many players, the player may be asked to leave. Invitations are confirmed from Peter Joicey either directly to the participant or through the requesting player. Decisions to accept or decline requests are final.

8.All participation requests should be made known to Peter Joicey by  Wednesday evening. An expected attendance list shall be issued on Thursday morning.

9.Should a friend’s expectation to participate change, please inform Peter Joicey as soon as possible.

10.Club members will be given priority over non-members.

Playing Rules (7-a-side session from 9pm)

11.Generally, the maximum number of players and participants is 24 players (3 teams of 8). Should there be more than 24 people in attendance late comers will be turned away.

12.Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Loud, persistent, bad language will not be tolerated.  Please try not to swear.

13.Reckless tackles will not be tolerated.

14. Slide tackles are not allowed.

15. When playing conditions are wet or slippery players should take extra care when deciding to make a tackle, thoughtlessness can lead to accidents.

16. Passing is below head height. No high balls allowed to encourage   close passing and better touch.

17. If a defender clears the ball from inside the area but the ball goes above head height then a penalty shall be awarded.

18. Players must only take one step when taking a penalty.

19. If a defender deflects a ball above head high in the penalty area no penalty shall be awarded and a freekick will be awarded to the goalkeeper.

20. For corners (Tuesday only) the ball can be delivered over head height to encourage attacking and defending headers. Once the ball bouces the ball cannot go over head height.

21. Training lasts for two hours on Thursday nights. The first hour will be ball work, fitness, drills etc. The remaining time will be spent playing football.  There shall be football games whether being a single 7-a-side game (14 players) or sets of winner stays on five minute matches.

22.The club will provide bibs at each training session so that teams can be distinguishable from each other. As a result players can chose to play in whatever football clothes they wish. Players should remember to bring shin pads.

Selection of teams & match rules

23. OBC Management shall decide upon the teams based on the requirements of the club.

24.The rule for staying on in the event of a draw is that 0-0 champions stay on. Score draws (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc) challengers stay on. This makes it harder for the champions to stay on and aids team rotation.

25.If the ball gets kicked over the fence. Whoever kicked it, fetches it. No discussion or complaints. If the ball goes out off of a deflection, the person who deflected the ball has to go and retrieve it. If the ball goes out for a throw-in (Tuesday) the ball can be rolled in or kicked in along the ground.

26.Play will not be stopped when the ball goes out. The onus is on the player to retrieve the ball as quickly as possible. Leaving the ball, or not getting it, is not acceptable. If any balls are lost through non-recovery the player may be held responsible for the cost of replacement.

Training as part club performance

27.Team selection is made on the basis of performances in Saturday matches and on the availability of players. Training should be used as an aid to improve an individual’s playing technique and performance.

28.All OBC players are encouraged to participate in midweek training. If a player does not demonstrate the level of fitness or ability required on a Saturday then they will not be selected.

29.Playing selection on Saturdays is based on merit and ability, and most of all results.

Rule amendments

30.Any proposed changes to the rules can be made at any time to any of the officers of the club. The club management will consider the proposed change where it will either be accepted or rejected by the way of a majority vote.

31.Changes to the rules will be circulated to all players.

32.A copy of these rules will be posted on the Club Constitution page of the club website at www.oldboysclaphamfc.co.uk 

Old Boys Clapham FC
02 May 2012